Samsung Sneakily Announces the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Tab A7 Lite

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Samsung Sneakily Announces the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Tab A7 Lite

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As rumors had suggested earlier this spring, Samsung announced this week two brand new tablets in the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the Galaxy Tab a7 Lite.

Similar to other FE branded devices superslot from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE looks to be a slightly stripped down but more affordable version of its flagship Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, featuring a 2560 x 1600 12.4-inch display, 4GB of base ram, 64GB of base storage, and a big 10,090 mAh battery (with support for 45-watt “super fast charging”).

The main draw of the Tab s7 SE, however, is that its stylus comes included for free, giving you access to Samsung’s library of S-Pen apps to help you take notes, sketch, or even create your own gifs, with Samsung even giving Tab S7 FE buyers a free six-month trial to Clip Studio Paint. Additionally, the Tab S7 FE also gets some multitasking capabilities thanks to the inclusion of the Multi-Active Window feature, which lets you have up to three apps open simultaneously on the same screen.

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Unfortunately, because the Tab S7 SE was revealed as part of a global announcement, Samsung says it does not have any specific info about U.S. pricing or availability yet.

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As for the other new tablet from Samsung, there’s the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which does have official U.S. pricing and availability starting at just $159 and a release date of June 10. Featuring an 8.7-inch display, the Tab A7 Lite seems like a super-budget Android alternative to something like the iPad Mini, though with a price this low, don’t get your hopes up for much in the way of fancy extras.

The Tab A7 Lite comes with just 3GB of base RAM and 32GB of base storage (though you can upgrade to 4GB/64GB if you want), and stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos. On the bright side, unlike some of Samsung’s flagship phones, the Tab A7 Lite does get a headphone jack and a microSD card slot, which is always appreciated.

Meanwhile, in other tablet news, after a few recent posts from the developers of the Procreate app, some M1 iPad Pro owners are starting to feel frustrated that even on new M1 iPad Pros with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, Apple still caps the total amount of RAM a single app can use at just 5GB, which is actually 1GB less than what last year’s iPad Pros could do. So, despite having a faster processor and more RAM than ever before, users can’t take full advantage of the hardware in their devices, which has been a growing complaint among iPad Pro enthusiasts in recent times.

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