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The correct synthesis method of steam card

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:56 am
by zhanghuahua
The Steam Medal is a great way to quickly upgrade your steam level. In some cases, you may not find cards that were not available at the end of the game. This situation may happen. To make up for the incomplete card collection, another way to upgrade your Steam account has appeared in the game market. This method is to go directly to the community market to buy, such as, click to search for Steam Level Up, and then click the buy button.

There is another way to get it by playing the corresponding game. Cards will be dropped randomly in the game. After putting down the cards, collect them. Some players choose to buy Steam Level Up directly, which is safe and fast. The number of cards placed in each game is limited, which means that only a portion of them can be obtained in the game.