CKP organizes annual financial statements of 2-4 billion baht for large hydropower projects, expected revenue growth

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CKP organizes annual financial statements of 2-4 billion baht for large hydropower projects, expected revenue growth

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Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director of CK Power Plc. (CKP) said that in 2021, CKP has allocated an investment of approximately 2,000 - 4 billion baht for investment in large hydroelectric projects. And Renewable Project, with a source of funds from the issuance of debentures.
The company slotxo There are plans to issue additional bonds of approximately 4,000-6,000 million baht, combined with the remaining amount from debenture issuance at the end of 2020 of approximately 2,000 million baht, which will be sufficient to support business expansion and to redeem 4,000 of the existing debentures. Million baht in June 2021

Mr Thanawat said the CKP group expects to generate 10-15% of revenue this year, which will be revenue from Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant (NN2) with reservoir water reserve by the end of the year. 2020 to generate electricity And it is forecast that the amount of water flowing into the reservoir this year will be greater than the previous year. As well as the amount of water flowing through the Xayaburi power plant, it is expected to be higher than last year. Bang Pa-In Power Plant Cogeneration 1 (BIC-1) and Bang Pa-in Power Plant Cogeneration 2 (BIC-2) continues to generate electricity normally. While the other seven solar power plants will be able to supply power for a full year in 2021, the company plans to expand its investment in Renewable Energy, a clean and environmentally friendly energy. It is an opportunity to expand the business for strong and sustainable growth in the future as well.

Mr Thanawat said the operating results of the Company and its subsidiaries for the fourth quarter of 2020 and for the full year of 2020 turn to the net profit in equity. Even though the total income will decline Throughout the year, the CKP Group had a net profit from normal operations in the equity of the Company totaling 404.7 million baht, an increase of 212.7 million baht from the year 2019 with profit from normal operations. (Excluding the one-time recognition of Xayaburi Power Company Limited's (XPCL) exchange rate gain in 2019) at just 192 million baht or a 110.8% growth while in the fourth quarter of net profit. 7.8 million baht turned profit growth of 112.1% compared to the same period of 2019

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